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Black travel: 4 things you can expect overseas as a black traveler

Travel belongs to everyone and should be intersectional.  The black travel movement is growing and black travel groups are on the rise. Being a black traveler can feel like being a celebrity in a foreign country or it can feel like being a penny in a sea full of dimes. But, in my opinion, being a black […]

How to travel Europe on a backpacker’s budget

Europe can be an intimidating area of the world for travelers to tackle.  With so many different countries jammed side by side, each with its own distinct language, culture, and way of life, it’s hard to know the best way to travel through this fascinating continent. The truth is, there is no “best” way to […]

The lazy-traveler’s comprehensive guide to budget travel tips

I recently returned from five beautiful months gallivanting around Europe, my first solo travel trip. I saw five countries in five months, and it felt as though I walked through three of nature’s seasons, deepening my experience of time. I didn’t plan for that, nor did I plan that I’d visit five countries in five months when […]

How to become a freelance travel photographer

Becoming a freelance travel photographer is definitely the dream that all who travel with a camera secretly have in their drawer. I do not know one traveler who does not have a passion for photography, and many of them are extremely talented indeed. But the path between having a passion and actually turning that into […]

How to travel on a budget: top 10 money-saving hacks

Traveling on a budget does not have to be a cheap experience.  Alternatively, traveling abroad while spending your hard-earned money wisely is a rewarding and relatively easy thing to do.  Don’t believe me? Find out how to travel on a budget with these top 10 money-saving travel hacks.  How to travel on a budget: top […]

What to pack for long term travel

About ten years ago I took my very first trip out of the country. I remember nervously waiting to find out whether my enormous suitcase was under the 50-pound limit. Yes, you read that correctly. I packed 48 pounds of stuff for a one-week trip to Jamaica, where I basically would just be wearing a […]

Why you should embrace the minimalist travel mindset

To travel is to experience unique parts of the world that exist outside of our own little bubbles of comfort.  Upon returning from your trip, you will find that you think a little differently, your mind is a little more open, and you walk away with new knowledge that you simply can’t find in books. […]

The best places to travel on a budget — an A-Z guide

Choosing the best places to travel on a budget is a tricky business. If you just look at the raw numbers you could find yourself in a lot of trouble. The Economist Intelligence Unit (which sounds like a real bunch of laughs) just released their Worldwide Cost of Living Report 2019, and the top 3 […]

The best travel apps for the techy traveler

Like the invention of the sextant and magnetic compass, improvements to technology and travel applications for mobile devices are making the world a more navigable place. They’re revolutionizing the way people travel, communicate while abroad, and record their experiences. With WIFI becoming increasingly available in even the remotest areas of the world, the hottest new […]

15 places to travel in your 20’s on a budget

Your 20’s are an incredible time in your life. You’re old enough to be responsible, courageous, and knowledgeable, but young enough to have a sense of freedom and open-mindedness. Traveling is a great way to utilize this prime state of being and explore the world before settling down and starting a career or having a family. […]