Why you should embrace the minimalist travel mindset

To travel is to experience unique parts of the world that exist outside of our own little bubbles of comfort.  Upon returning from your trip, you will find that you think a little differently, your mind is a little more open, and you walk away with new knowledge that you simply can’t find in books. […]

The best ways to save money while traveling

Let’s be real with one another: there are thousands of articles out there about how to save money when traveling the world.  There’s a good reason: in a world where everything has its price, we want to know if our dreams of traveling the world can become a reality. Especially when our pockets tend to be […]

11 tips for making friends while traveling alone

We’ve all been there, right? You find a friend who is willing to travel with you, go back and forth for weeks about destinations and schedules, finally agree on the where, when, and what of your trip, get super hyped and begin making preparations, and suddenly your friend’s brother is getting married that week or […]

How to find your passion during your travels abroad

It’s Christmas Day and I’m standing at cloud level in a place where Andean mountain peaks touch the sky, wildflowers add flecks of pink across the landscape and miles of jaggedy terrain stretch out below me. I’m sweating and have felt the burn in the strong muscles of my legs as I’ve ascended this steep incline. […]

The best places to travel on a budget — an A-Z guide

Choosing the best places to travel on a budget is a tricky business. If you just look at the raw numbers you could find yourself in a lot of trouble. The Economist Intelligence Unit (which sounds like a real bunch of laughs) just released their Worldwide Cost of Living Report 2019, and the top 3 […]

The perfect minimalist packing list

Travelers and digital nomads alike love packing light because they aren’t tied to their belongings and are free to roam about as they please. Not only is a heavy bag cumbersome and annoying, but it may end up holding you back on your travels. A needlessly bulky bag could mean getting through TSA is significantly […]

Essential tips for traveling alone for the first time

I’ve been traveling alone for four years now and I’ve learned a lot about myself, the world and the many types of humans that you meet along the way. I can still remember the first time that I traveled alone and all the mistakes that I made. I now look back on that trip and […]

The best travel apps for the techy traveler

Like the invention of the sextant and magnetic compass, improvements to technology and travel applications for mobile devices are making the world a more navigable place. They’re revolutionizing the way people travel, communicate while abroad, and record their experiences. With WIFI becoming increasingly available in even the remotest areas of the world, the hottest new […]

How to be a digital nomad (and get work done while on the go)

During many winter evenings not long ago, I sat typing in my Toronto apartment long after my nine-to-five workday finished. Snowstorms raged outside as I crafted all sorts of narratives late into the night adamant to meet my deadlines outside of my regular, salaried job.  My assignments rolled in steadily. I went to journalism school […]

15 places to travel in your 20’s on a budget

Your 20’s are an incredible time in your life. You’re old enough to be responsible, courageous, and knowledgeable, but young enough to have a sense of freedom and open-mindedness. Traveling is a great way to utilize this prime state of being and explore the world before settling down and starting a career or having a family. […]